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“MindSEO allowed us to do a migration with full assurance that everything would go well, due to great preparation, monitoring and documentation that they provided us in this process.”
Paulo Pimenta KuantoKusta

Paulo Pimenta

CEO KuantoKusta
Jorge Castanheira Wunderman

Jorge Castanheira

Managing Director, Wunderman Portugal
“Our partnership with MindSEO allows us to have a team of professionals that supports our work either with Data Science, either with tools or even with an unbiased view and opinion, so we can develop the best results for our clients.”
“With the help of MindSEO, we were able to gather online data, in order to better understand FuelTV’s Digital Ecosystem. This allowed us to build a sustained Strategy for our Online Presence.”
Rui Ventura FuelTV

Rui Ventura

VP Marketing & Sales Strategy, FUEL TV

Website Migration

KuantoKusta is a website aggregator that compiles a large variety of products, from online and offline sales spots, enabling users to compare prices and shipping costs. The Portuguese company started in 2005 and is now the leader of Portuguese price comparison Websites.

This website migration was due to the redesign and development of a new, optimized framework for the website, implementing several functionalities and responsive design in order to adapt to mobile devices.

The MindSEO solution was a two-phase migration plan, based on a full strategy that changed a lot of details in KuantoKusta Website.

The First Phase had its focus on a full website audit, reporting about the main problems found, in terms of user experience and technical issues, focusing on identifying best practices to keep on the new website and identifying problems and other needs that should be corrected in order to improve overall performance on the new website.

The Second Phase of the migration plan started by developing a 7-day schedule. This schedule included structural network changes, such as preparing the DNS records as to avoid critical TTL Records with the switch process. After these procedures, we entered into the “48 hours countdown” which consisted on double checking the developed redirects (in order to see if they will not cause any lag) and bringing TTL to a minimum value for launch day. After doing this we arrived to “M-Day”, or “Migration Day”.

When the migration process was complete, we used our SEO & Digital Intelligence Platform, MindSEO S.O.N.A.R. to get a robust look at the website’s post-migration performance. We noticed that website traffic had not been penalised with the migration and had in fact increased by nearly 40% and organic search traffic grew 33.19%, on year-over-year performance.