Competitive intelligence (CI) is the process of gathering public information about competitors and the use of that information to gain business advantages. In order to develop a business strategy, you should incorporate a CI analysis to provide useful insights about the market, what your main competitors are doing and anticipate some competitive activities.

By learning as much as possible about your industry, your competitors and market rules you can be more prepared to face the challenges ahead.

At MindSEO, we have a tool called MindSEO S.O.N.A.R. which is a digital intelligence platform that tracks websites and specific digital ecosystems to help organizations optimise their online presence more efficiently. One of S.O.N.A.R. features is a competitive intelligence integration which enables you to benchmark your business (measure your company activities, products, policies and strategy in comparison with competitors), generate insightful reports to discover which keywords, targets your peers are using as well as evaluations of traffic and rankings.

At MindSEO, we can provide S.O.N.A.R. platform so you can optimise your website and gather useful information for your business or create a competitive intelligence report allowing you to focus on your own business while still gaining the necessary knowledge to keep track of competitors.

With a complete and well-structured competitive intelligence report you can anticipate what your main competitors are planning, make more accurate and strategic decisions, identify gaps in the market to help you find new angles, products or services and fill a need in the market and also receive internal information, to know how your company is performing, know your weaknesses and where you need to focus your energy to improve your business.

Know what your competitors are doing and start making more accurate strategic decisions to leverage your business and overcome your peers.