The consumer cycle has changed over the past few years. The proliferation of new technologies, devices, gadgets and apps, has changed the way consumers interact with brands and companies. It offers a vast amount of new options to receive, collect and find information.
With the booming of smartphones and other mobile devices, businesses need to adapt and understand how the consumer behaves in order to adopt an effective marketing strategy.

The digital world has put the power in the hands of consumers, simply because the internet, mobile phones, and social media, gave them a voice to make themselves heard. We live in a consumer-driven market, and communities develop, unconsciously, behaviours that shape the way brands do business with their consumers across channels and devices.

To adjust and benefit from this digital revolution, companies need to understand its impact on consumer behaviour. At the end of the day, the challenge is always the same, brands need to deliver information to the market, identify interested consumers and engage them in generating conversions.

Customers are more aware and informed than ever before, they seek to find relevant information that relates directly to their needs. So, understanding how, why and when your customers engage with your messages and channels, is very important to improve customer experience and generate more sales.

The biggest concern and challenge for marketers today, is to predict what consumers will want, know how they find, select and purchase, a product or service, who or what influenced them and finally how they can reach and connect successfully with them.

Businesses exist to generate revenue, so to maximise their ROI, businesses need to provide valuable and engaging information to their customers to generate reactions.

By analysing customer’s behaviours and desires, companies are more capable of creating and developing more relevant, personalised and impactful messages.

Brands and companies are recognizing the importance of knowing their audience’s characteristics and behaviours to implement more accurate and engaging marketing plans.

At MindSEO, we have the knowledge and the technology to identify the audiences your company should focus the marketing efforts on. We analyse and report the consumer behaviours to develop more responsive, action-oriented strategies to successfully connect with consumers across the full digital ecosystem.

To assist our consumer behaviour study we also analyse the website’s usability. We have at our disposal technologies in which we use consumer applied sciences to determine the effectiveness of your web pages. We provide eye tracking, mouse tracking, and heat maps to give you a full understanding of how your visitors navigate and interact with your content. These technics and technologies are very useful to know, see and record how your visitors interact.

Information that we can collect:

  • What is the element your visitors see first;
  • How they interact and which elements capture their interest;
  • Measure which type of content is attracting more attention (image, text or video);
  • Track how your visitors use the website and how they move around and understand the menu options;
  • Where visitors click on the website;
  • How long visitors spend interacting with the website;


By getting this information, you can better present content on your website, improve your website navigation to more effectively increase your conversion rates.

If you want to understand consumers, to more effectively engage and impact your audience, contact us now.