With the rise of new channels and methods of communication, consumers interact with companies and brands whenever and however they want – in stores, at home, on the desktop, mobile devices, in person... All these interactions generate many touch points that result in an enormous amount of data from e-mails, web pages, blogs, social media, and other sources.

The big challenge for marketers is knowing what to do with all that information and how to extract insights from that data. Big companies gather data from a huge number of sources and platforms – website analytics, social analytics tools, e-mail tracking tools, lead scoring, automation software – in different formats and speeds. The reality is that most of that information remains unexplored, inaccessible and unused because of the lack of communication and interaction between all the departments who gather useful data.

By knowing and viewing the consumer behaviour – preferences, behaviour patterns, purchasing habits and desires –  you can build solid relations with your customers but also predict future needs to deliver more personalised content.

Because of the amount of data organizations collect, marketers, sometimes, face difficulties to understand and know which data are more relevant do improve customer’s experience.

At MindSEO, we can help you determine which are the best patterns and the most meaningful data to implement the right strategy for your prospects.

We have the tools to understand the current customer journey, all the touch points that customers generate in order to answer the most important questions, such as, how many online shoppers are converting? Are they leaving items in the shopping cart? Are they checking another website? Which items and pages are they visiting most? And much more.

We can, also, use predictive analytics to determine which action your customers will do next. By analysing all the data, both internal and external (CRM, marketing automation, website, social media, etc) and applying modern data science technics, we can discover new buyer insights to more accurately predict which campaigns will perform better, which content will generate more engagement, which actions will improve conversions, etc.

Because data is the most important asset a business can have, it must be treated correctly and rigorously to define a strategy to create a faster, smarter and safer web experience, engage people across all channels and devices and reach existing customer, new prospects, and emerging audiences.

Use data to optimise your revenue, improve conversion rates and create better web experiences. We can help you achieve your business and marketing goals.