Marketing Automation is the process of automating marketing actions. With the help of software, you can nurture your prospects and clients with highly personalised and useful content.
After creating automated action what you generally see is a significant increase in revenues and an excellent return on investment (ROI).

At MindSEO, we can automatically react to behaviours and contact customers at the exact time they are ready to take some action. The main goals of any organization are to acquire new customers, build brand awareness and demonstrate marketing value in every action. With marketing automation, you can accomplish all your marketing goals.

Now, you don’t need to rely on generic emails and campaigns to generate results, hoping your message resonates with your customers. By monitoring and analysing online behaviours, creating profiles of people who visit your website, you can send highly personalised messages in all digital channels automatically.

To implement a successful marketing automation strategy, you should integrate and align all of your marketing channels in order to and value for your prospects and reduce the buying cycle.

About email marketing, we can track clicks, opens, bounces and other behavioural aspects in order to deliver specific messages. We can easily send automatic and personalised emails to customers who have signed up your website, subscribed a newsletter or made a download. With our technology, we create triggers to automatically send emails when these actions are done.

In Social media, by monitoring and understanding their interactions and comments, we can deliver more accurate and personalised information to engage and build brand awareness. We can also create successful marketing automation campaigns, by targeting and segmenting your audience, based on specific metrics, to deliver tailored content to the right lead at the right time.

Another important topic, on which every company struggles, is how to successfully capture new leads. With the help of marketing automation, we can easily create modal pop-ups, contact forms, newsletters and landing pages for your website, with dynamic and personalised content, for every visitor, to generate more leads. By collecting information about your website visitors, we can build a lead profile to create specific strategies to better contact them and promote your products and brand.

Start automating your marketing strategies so you can easily accomplish your goals. Contact us now, for more information.