MindSEO provides Digital Intelligence Solutions to help organisations improve their online presence and performance.
We developed products to maximize your digital marketing results.
Here are our main Solutions and Products.

Product MindSEO S.O.N.A.R.


MindSEO S.O.N.A.R. (Scientific Online Network Analysis & Research Tool) is a digital platform that was created to help marketers and organisations improve and measure their online presence and the ecosystem where they operate.

It’s a web-based application that gathers essential information through multiple third-party APIs to better understand and analyse all the aspects surrounding your online presence.

Product MindSEO Report


MindSEO REPORT is a meticulous and technical SEO audit about your website and its digital ecosystem. Our audit report is based on detailed information about the client, its competitors, market and industry. Its produced in order to showcase opportunities and solutions to increase online web traffic and visibility on search engines.

Depending on the needs and strategies, different variables are analysed.


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Product MindSEO Automata


MindSEO Automata is a consulting service that enables us to execute specific automated marketing actions in all digital channels. With our technology, we analyze users’ online behaviour and react to those activities by providing highly personalized content with the ultimate goal of converting prospects into customers and turn customers into pleased customers.

To implement a successful marketing automation strategy you should align and integrated all the channels in order to execute your marketing tasks in a more streamlined and efficient way.

At MindSEO, we create relevant, useful, and personalized content in all your marketing channels.

Product MindSEO Advertising

MINDSEO Advertising

At MindSEO we can create, plan and execute online advertising campaigns both direct and programmatic. We are official certified Partners by Google, Bing and Facebook, which means that we can help you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, both in search and display networks.

MindSEO also has a Display Trading Desk and Demand Side Platform which connects directly to Ad Exchanges. Programmatic Advertising enables us to manage bids, ad formats in real time and reach specific uses with specific ads.

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