If you notice, at some point, that your website decreased drastically in organic traffic, the most probable reason is that a search engine algorithm’s update penalized your website in some way.
Penalties by search engines can result in serious damages to your company and business if you don’t take the necessary procedures and analysis to remove these penalties.

The impact of a search engine penalty can result in a decrease of organic traffic and impressions across all search terms, the whole website or specific web pages can disappear from search results, for your own brand name or brand-related terms, as well as a complete removal from search engines’ indexation. No matter the consequence, it will result in heavy loss of traffic and visibility online, therefore, fewer business opportunities.

At MindSEO, we can help you determine whether your website has been penalized, which penalty has your website received and create a guide on how to fix it. Resolving link based problems, require a structured plan, methodical analysis, and research, to execute everything needed to obey search engines’ guidelines, in order to accomplish solid foundations to build a sustainable business.

Our process of penalty recovery consists of several stages, which initiate with an investigation to determine if your website has been really hit by a penalty or if there are other reasons for a detected decrease in traffic. We need to look at which of your website’s pages have most links to and compare inbound links with traffic levels. After determining that your website has been hit by a penalty we proceed on finding the cause of it. To analyse your link data, we have at our disposal tools that allow us to download all your backlinks and look for spam links manually.

To make a successful penalty recovery it’s important to have some technical know-how and a full understanding of search engines’ guidelines and conduct.

A search engine’s penalty can present itself as two types: manual penalties and algorithmic penalties. These two types, once detected, have different ways of resolution. Manual Penalties will require the submission of a reconsideration request to the search engine, to outline the steps for rectifying the problem. On the other hand, algorithmic penalties are very silent so, in order to identify this kind of penalties, it’s essential to contact an experienced SEO consultant so you can determine which pages and which terms have been affected.

Are you detecting a decrease in organic traffic due to search engine penalizations? Contact us now and let us help you.


Links are the foundation of Google’s algorithm. So, in order to have a successful website, it is important to develop link earning strategies. To achieve good ranking positions in search engines, and consequently, more and qualified traffic, ethical and quality-driven link building should be an integrated part of your digital marketing activities.

The more qualified links pointing to your website are, the more likely it will be for you to appear in top positions in search engine results.

At MindSEO, we use MindSEO S.O.N.A.R. and other platforms to understand your website backlink profiles, identify where the links come from and if these violate search engines’ guidelines.

If we detect that some of the links pointing to your website are against de search engines' guidelines, we contact the owner of the website that is causing damages to your reputation, asking to remove your link. If there are more offending links, we have to use a disavow tool to report to the search engine that your website disapproves those links pointing to your website.

Link analysis and a consistent monetization should be a priority on your daily marketing activities. By knowing the link profiles pointing to your website you are more capable of knowing your backlinks, referral signals and spam possibilities.

Don’t condition your link building strategy because of search engine penalties. Link earning should be a priority in your marketing strategy, to achieve better results on search engines.

Know which links are pointing to your website and prevent future damages to your reputation. If you need help, contact us now.