Performance is one of the most important aspects of your website, one that should be analysed and optimised regularly because it has a huge impact on search engines rankings and in consumer engagement, retention, and conversion.
Website performance optimisation is a huge responsibility because every decision made will have a direct impact on user experience.

Identifying problems in an early stage, and fixing them quickly, will keep your website speed on point and will keep users satisfaction and navigation exceptional.

Some people may assume that to increase website performance they just need to optimise images, CSS, and Javascript, but the reality is more complex and requires technical knowledge and methodology to solve performance problems.

Most web pages spend less than 20% of user response time getting the HTML document from the web server to the browser. So the focus of your efforts should be on identifying, monitoring and reducing the other 80% of user experience time spent. In order to improve, you need to know which components in the pages are affecting performance and know where the users spend their time waiting.

The backend and frontend of your website are sectors that should be analysed to increase performance and speed. But frontend improvements require less time and resources, producing much more results in a short term.

At MindSEO, we support and create guidelines on how to reduce up to 80% of end user response time by analyzing your website and knowing which components of your website (images, scripts, stylesheets, flash, and others) need to be improved and reduced to achieve better performance results.

Removing and reducing critical components that are affecting the speed of your web pages are the easiest and the most controversial actions because usually it affects the design layout of the website. What we do is describe and help with techniques to avoid interfering with the design of the web pages, which include using image maps, CSS spirits, inline images, scripts, and stylesheets. We improve page performance by making sure that all the components that are used to enhance the user experience are configured to maximize the browser caching capabilities.

Reducing HTTP requests will benefit first-time visitors to your website and subsequent views because a fast response time on the first page viewed can make an enormous difference between a user abandoning your website and the ones who will keep coming back.



At MindSEO, we have the tools, software, and the knowledge to solve and support on system administration tasks.

If you are trying to optimise your website or application, implementing new software architecture for your systems or have problems with your server, you should ask someone able to quickly and correctly diagnose the problems.

We can monitor, support and maintain your server or other computer systems efficiency to avoid problems and failures.

At MindSEO we can:

  • Install software on your system;
  • Manage users;
  • Configure firewalls;
  • Execute commands and set commands to execute on a schedule;
  • Monitor and analyze system logs and send alerts;
  • Manage files, folders, and permissions;
  • Configure network disk sharin;
  • Perform automated backups;
  • Configure virtual web servers;
  • Monitor system performance;
  • Create backups and recoveries;
  • Update system;


We ensure that the performance, resources and security of your computer systems are configured properly and reliably.

If you don’t know how to plan and respond to outages and other problems related to server systems, contact us now.