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Online advertising is a service-based solution provided by MindSEO

MindSEO creates and manages direct and programmatic advertising campaigns, in order to maximise your media impact and performance. With our trading desk services, we have access to a vast amount of inventory that enables us to create the most innovative, multi-message campaigns for targeted audiences.


At MindSEO, we give support throughout all stages of development needed at the creation of a digital advertising campaign. We can help in creative development, media planning, media buying or in the combination of all three. We can take complex campaigns and make them more cost efficient to create, plan, analyse and optimise.

Accredited by the best

MindSEO is a Certified Google Partner, which allows us to create, develop and manage direct campaigns on Search Engines and Display Networks managed by Google.

Google AdWords is a platform of online advertising that helps marketers reach customers, whether your looking to build your brand or drive sales. At MindSEO we can help you deliver relevant messages to the right people at each stage of the path to purchase.

MindSEO is also an accredited Professional from Microsoft, which recognises us with the knowledge and capacity to develop and manage campaigns in Bing, Yahoo! and AOL networks. Beside Google Networks we guarantee 3 more channels to reach the most accurate and efficient target, available through direct campaigns.

Bing Ads can help you reach a new group of high-quality customers on search engines and increase your return on advertising spend. As well as AdWords, you only pay when customers view and click on your ads, either they make a purchase, request your service, sign up or make a download. With Bing Ads, you can reach 167 million unique users on Bing Networks. It’s a great opportunity to engage a new audience and help you connect with the right customers.


Search Marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility for your website through search engines. It includes the terms SEO (earning traffic through organic search) and SEA (Buying traffic through paid search).

At MindSEO we can plan, optimise and execute search campaigns to help organisations gain traffic to their website by purchasing ads on search engines in a very simple and effective way.

What search advertising does is satisfy an immediate need or a future need of the consumer by delivering the most relevant information/results taking into account the search terms used by the consumer. Nowadays, what users want to find when searching on search engines are the most relevant information. This makes search engine results some of the best sources of targeted traffic, whether this traffic originates from "organic" unpaid search listings or paid advertising listings.

Google Adwords and Bing Ads are two of the best platforms to help organisations reach customers on search engines. These two platforms allows customers to find your business in the exact moment when searching for a specific product or service you offer. With AdWords and Bing, you only pay when customers click on your Ad. You only pay when a certain action is made.

Attract customers, reach the right people at the right time, advertise globally or locally are the main capabilities of online direct advertising. It can bring new visitors to your website, increase online sales and boost your visibility online.

The advantage of search marketing versus other advertising networks is its non-intrusive method of marketing. Search advertising does not intrude the audience by interrupting its current activity. In opposition, search reaches customers at the exact moment he or she is seeking for more information and solutions. Other important advantage is that search engine traffic originates from a voluntary behaviour. The visitor from search results have not only selected your content from among other advertisers but chose the search query that resulted in your content.

Stop wasting time and money on unsuccessful online campaigns. Talk to us and learn how we make every cent count for your campaigns to succeed.

The display industry is very complex. At MindSEO we demystify some of the complexities of display, so you can make proper decisions and take advantage of it.


At MindSEO, we provide a service of Display Trading Desk management to support a programmatic advertising strategy.

Programmatic advertising is a technology that allows advertisers to automatically target consumers based on certain metrics that are obtained through algorithms.

With programmatic advertising you can target consumers on any website by gathering specific information like age, gender, what sites the consumer has visited in the past and if they have shopped for similar products already.

MindSEO operationalizes campaigns through a Display Trading Desk and a Demand Side Platform (DSP), which is directly connected to the Ad Exchanges. These two platforms give us the ability to trade on the Ad Exchange efficiently and in real time. With the DSP we are able to manage multiple ad exchanges and accounts through one single interface.
We can manage bids for the ad formats (ex: banners) and the pricing for the data related to that specific audience.
With DSP we have a wide access to inventory and total control of the ads and the ability to reach specific users with specific ads.

The DoubleClick Ad Exchange owned by Google has a 32% share of the whole display market and Google Display Network is only a small part of DoucleClick Exchange, which means that the advertisers who use GDN only have access to a small percentage of the inventory available to better connect with their targeting audience.

How does programmatic advertising work?

Maximize your media impact with direct or programmatic advertising campaigns. Contact us now and let us help you.

We can reach 75% of the whole web with our trading desk and our programmatic buying methodology.

One of the key aspects of programmatic advertising is Real-Time Bidding (RTB), which came to benefit advertisers with improved audience targeting, increasing cost efficiency and instant delivery of ads. RTB is the process of buying ad impressions. RTB is basically an auction environment, which means that marketers can bid to show different ads to a specific user (buy individual impressions)  based on data about that user. As a result, different users will see different ads on the same page/URL.

With programmatic buying, we can reach around impressions per day.

For the first time, it is possible to execute guaranteed premium buys and launch it programmatically. We can allocate your ads on any major website and optimise the campaign at all levels.
At MindSEO, we evaluate the worth of each impression according to performance metrics, such as geographic, demographic, behavioural, and other analytical data (business intelligence or CRM metrics) in order to make data meaningful. We can streamline multi-format productions and make brand storytelling at scale.

With this technologies, we are able to:

  • Update Ad content in real time;
  • Make any content dynamic (anything can be updated – text, video, destinations, URLs, etc.);
  • Test online previews (For review and approval of new versions before going live);
  • Choose when to go live (update dynamically or Schedule to go live at specific date and time).

Channels that we cover with our Display Trading Desk


To benefit from programmatic sophisticated targeting tactics and real-time optimisation, there is a portion of technical and creative assets required to take full advantage of digital advertising.

At MindSEO we are able to create all types of banners to enrich your online campaigns. The more ad formats a campaign uses the better the performance. To compete effectively in programmatic media, you need to be able to create as many sizes as possible and have the knowledge and understanding that some formats can deliver higher performance results.

Due to budget limitations, the majority of the advertisers only develop traditional sizes, ignoring the fact that there are several formats that have lower bid prices on CPM, CPC and CPA, providing extra impressions and better positions.

Diversification is the key to achieve superior results and increase campaign performance on programmatic auctions. By creating as many sizes as possible and with the use of our programmatic technology, we can manage and streamline all the variations efficiently. By requiring our service of banner creation you have at your disposal all the formats needed and available to execute sophisticated optimisations and deliver ads at scale.

We can create static, animated and interactive banner ads in JPG, PNG, GIF and HTML 5 compatible embedded code. We can scale up your campaigns by adding automatically multiple variations and translations to you banners. Programmatic creative is a vital aspect to build and publish effective campaigns, just because you need to communicate in the same language of your targeted groups.  Advertising on display network allows you to find new customers, increase your sales and online visibility with appealing and engaging ads from our Banners Management Service.

Besides our programmatic creatives, we can also track your banners and measure your online advertising performance. By doing this we can discover which ads, messages and formats received better engagement rates, and based on that information choose the ads with more interactions and better results, allowing for a continuously optimized campaign.


MindSEO can create and provide banner heatmaps to understand and represent how visitors see and interact with your ad formats and messages.

The images produced by the heatmap represent the sections of the banners that receive most focus from the consumer. It produces patterns to better understand the consumers behaviour, tendencies and which sections of the banner draw more attention. By analysing the “hot zones” you can improve and change some aspects of your campaign.

The information conveyed by the heatmap can be used to:

  • See the impact of the layout of the banners;
  • Change the design to highlight key sections;
  • Vary display ad strategy to promote higher clicks or interactions.


The heatmaps are a great source to improve your messages and your formats in order to maximise your visibility and achieve better results.

By tracking clicks of the banners through Analytics and with the help of the heatmaps we can collect important data about your consumers and visitors. We can gather useful insights about where consumers click and we can test changes and improve the effectiveness of your CTAs. Another aspect is see how they react, you don’t need a click to achieve your goal. By tracking the user journey and actions you can deduce if he or she read your message and if the banner had some influence on the conversion process.

By discovering where people click, where the clicks come from and having a full understanding of the consumer behaviour and experience across all devices we can optimise your banners with specific content and effective design to attract your targeting audiences.

Let us help you plan, create and optimise your online marketing campaigns, so you can reach your ideal customers, at the exact moment.