Digital Ecosystem Audit and Report

At MindSEO, we provide auditing services and consulting that take into account the client, competition, positioning, language and geographic market. After auditing things like Usability, User Experience, and Technical SEO, a report is produced in order to verify opportunities and identify ways to increase online web traffic, and establish metrics to analyse and evaluate results.


Our Report includes a highly-individualized Search Engine Optimisation strategy based on detailed analysis of your website’s strengths and weaknesses, resulting in a prioritised outline of action steps that you can take to increase search engine visibility and online performance.

External Audit

Delivers a valuable Digital Ecosystem analysis that scopes several important issues about the main competitor’s online presence, allowing competitor benchmarking.

Internal Audit

Encompasses an extensive Technical and SXO (Search Experience Optimisation) analysis to the website’s online presence, where all issues that need to be corrected are discriminated.

Strategic Planning

With every issue detected, best practices and correct user procedures are provided, as well as insights and advises on the implementation of an efficient optimisation plan.

MindSEO Report Tablet View

Holistic analysis approach

In the Audit Report, over 14 different groups of analysis are performed (among over 400 relevant variables). Some of the main analysis are:

  • Ecosystem analysis of the main online competitors;
  • Website architecture and usability questions - UX (User Experience) & UI (User Interface);
  • META configurations and RichSnippets;
  • Review and analysis of keywords and content on the website;
  • Keyword suggestions;
  • Code manipulation, which influences reading by spiders from search engines;
  • Errors or misconfigurations that can penalise the overall performance;
  • Lack of components that may increment on-site ranking;
  • Internal hyperlinks (deep linking and errors);
  • External hyperlinks analysis;
  • Social media presence analysis;
  • Ranking of the domain;
  • Copywrite and text semantic.


All web presence must be structured around one strategy that should be implemented even before content creation or adding/creating one single webpage to your website. The strategy must be held in the account and maintained throughout the website’s lifetime, such as constant maintenance, migrations or redesigns, thus creating an optimisation cycle and increasing long-term results.

All this strategy will be planned according to the client’s specific needs and developments can be reported to the client through personalised reports, with the final objective of improving Positioning and/or Ranking results.

Based on the audit, a report is generated. The situations detected are indicated, and all simple actions are automatically corrected or a good indication of the correct procedures or practices of use are made. In more complex configurations, which may involve manipulation of code, the problem and a possible algorithmic solution are indicated, so that the decision is taken in order to solve the problem.

To efficiently plan and fundament your entire SEO strategy, you need to acknowledge that all Inbound Marketing components and optimisation actions are part of a cyclic organic process.

If you’re interested in our SEO Audit Report, contact us today and tell us more about your SEO needs.