Welcome to MindSEO’s New Website.

After a few months of research, planning and execution we, at MindSEO, are excited to announce the launch of our new website.

We wanted our website to present our services and products in the better way possible. With that in mind, we developed the new website as a place where you can find all the information about our agency, our products and services, and about what we do, in a very simple, easy, and intuitive way. Our focus with this project was to create an environment that better reflects our vision and mission as a consulting agency, focused on offering optimized solutions in Digital Intelligence.

We wanted our new website to serve as a bridge between actual and potential clients, turning it in the perfect place to find information about MindSEO and to learn more about what we can do.
MindSEO’s website is in continuous update and improvement. At the moment, you get the main products and services. With time, we will increase content and add all our solutions by presenting all our services separately by stage, by need and by industry, along with useful information on all topics. Soon we will also add information about our Training and Consulting services, because in addition to our work as a consultancy agency, our team is composed of certified trainers that provide training in different areas of digital marketing, such as Search Engine Optimization, E-mail Marketing, Web Analytics, eCommerce or broader things as Online Strategy.

With this approach and presentation, we want to simplify access to our SEO and Digital Intelligence Resources, to make sure that you find what you are looking for. Now, you can find on our website four of our main solutions, which are MindSEO S.O.N.A.R., MindSEO REPORT, MindSEO AUTOMATA and MindSEO ADVERTISING:

  • MindSEO S.O.N.A.R. is our digital intelligence platform, which tracks websites and specific digital ecosystems. The main capability of S.O.N.A.R. is to help organizations optimize their online presence efficiently, increase search engine visibility and maximize online marketing results;
  • MindSEO REPORT is our audit service, which includes a highly individualized search engine optimization strategy based on detailed analysis of the clients’ website, its competitors, market and industry, to highlight opportunities and solutions to increase online traffic, and visibility on search engines;
  • MindSEO AUTOMATA is a consulting service that enables us to execute specific automated marketing actions in a wide variety of digital channels. With our technology, we analyse user’s online behavior and react to those actions by providing highly personalized content with the ultimate goal of converting prospects into customers, and converting actual customers into loyal customers;
  • MindSEO ADVERTISING is a service-based solution, through which we can create and manage direct and programmatic advertising campaigns, to maximize brands’ media impact and performance. We give support throughout all stages of development needed to create digital advertising campaigns.

Consider this post as the corner stone of what we aim to be a credible source of information. We want to update MindSEO’s Blog on a regular basis, to keep you in touch with all the new things happening at MindSEO, as well as regular updates of what is happening in the digital world, with customized insights about the industry and the implications on businesses.

Take a moment to explore our new website, and be sure to check back regularly for more information about all our services. And don’t forget to follow us on social networks!

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