Usability is a key aspect when designing a website. Is a quality attribute that reflects how easy a user interacts with the interface. On the web, with all the competitors and the vast amount of o websites, the utility is a necessary condition to survive.

If the website is difficult to use, if the homepage fails to present what the company offers, if the information is hard to read, the user will leave and the purpose of the website fail dramatically.

Usability is a topic that should be integrated since the beginning of the design phase and should be developed and refined throughout the entire design process. To anticipate the real user scenarios, usability testing should be a priority.

At MindSEO, we develop and create some tests in order to refine the website usability taking into account the goals of the website from the perspective of the user and the business. We determine the user needs and usability requirements, evaluate existing versions of the website, analyze the competitor’s website and perform a user’s test in order to evaluate the interactions with the design interface.

Based on the user research analyses, user experience test, functionality and accessibility to the interface prototype, the result is a detailed report of the user interaction and a complement to the website design development.

By requiring a usability test you guarantee that your website is user-friendly and effective. Contac us now, for more information.


User experience (UX) is and abstract feeling people get from using a website. Is how a person feel when interacting with any interface. The purpose of UX is to make people enjoy being on your website. UX and UI are two topics that run together because in order to create a good user experience is necessary a meticulous and coherent planning of design interface.

UX is more than just a positive result from the UI, represent the whole experience, memories, and impressions the user gets from using the website and the perception they formed from the brand and organization.

So to create the best website for your brand and product, the focus should be the UI but keeping the UX in mind when planning and executing the project. If you build a UI project with thought, attention and care then it will reflect on the UX.

At MindSEO, we develop and schematize the type of UX that the website should have to take into account the business, products, market, audience and then create the wireframe of UI to better fit the desired experience.

What we do:

  • Generate user profiles and Personas: By using data from the website we can create personas in order to know the audience and create the experience that reflects the needs and emotions of the users;
  • A/B tests to compare the effectiveness and quality of experience of different interfaces;
  • Interview with users and potential users to gain insights into what might be the most effective design;
  • Based on the information collected, we develop different layouts and prototypes
  • User Flow scheme to identify the user experience journey through the website;
  • Propose design patterns, such as, module tabs, breadcrumbs, slideshows, to bring an element of familiarity to the user;


By developing an excellent user experience to your costumers, you increase the level of user satisfaction. The better experience you provide to your customers, the happier they will be and more comfortable they will feel to make the actions that you want them to do. Helps build positive word of mouth, shares, reviews which result in a sales increase.

If you are interested in requiring MindSEO User Experience (UX) service, contact us now.