The user interface (UI) is the visual aspect of the interface, everything that the user sees and interacts with. UI encompasses the screen menus, icons, placements, keyboard shortcuts, buttons and the overall structure of the pages.

The user interface is focused on anticipating what users might need to do, and ensure that the website has elements that are easy to access, understand and used to facilitate those actions.

A good User Interface guarantees a “user-friendly” experience, allowing the user to interact in a natural and intuitive way. More than the structure and layout is the connection between the user and the experience, most UI design should create a perfect balance between captivating aesthetically and effortless interactivity. The presentation, execution, and design of the elements of your website are all part of the service provided by MindSEO.

At MindSEO, we give support on how to present your information and the elements that you should include to create a coherent, effective and functional interface.

We operate in four different categories to structure your interface:

  • Actions: Text field form, dropdown lists, checkboxes, clickable buttons, list boxes, CTA’s
  • Navigation: sliders, sidebars, menus, tags, icons, colors scheme, composition, sizes, website navigation
  • Information: text content, modal windows, message boxes, imagery
  • Placements: overall structure of the pages (sharing buttons, headers, footers, containers, accordions, tabs, action boxes, search boxes)


By requiring our service of UI, we provide sketching/wireframes and mockups of the website before actually creating the website. It’s the most important phase where we combine the design and the theoretic aspects, in order to create the best UI, that will provide the desired user experience (UX). A study about the audience is made in order to understand their motivations, fears and what they want to accomplish on the website before wireframing the visual elements and layout of the interface.

Contact us now to know more about our UI service, so we can help you create an appealing and intuitive interface.